Terry Robinette - CRHC, LSHC   

NTCB & FSHLB Approved Course Instructor

Basic Spiritual Coaching Skills 


Upcoming 3 Week Course

Begins: Wednesday - September 30, 2020 - 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Teleconference Dates: September 30, October 7 & 14

Email Terry for Complete Details: [email protected]


You will learn in detail via teaching and actual practice how to perform each of the following skill easily and effectively.

Making Requests & Active Listening Skills: Coaches empower their clients by making simple requests then they Actively Listen which is the process of repeating back to the speaker, what you heard in your own words.  

Reflective Listening, Supporting, Endorsing and Thanking Skills: Reflective Listening is a process of listening to the feelings underlying the words 

the person is speaking. We support them by saying: "I support you in continuing to...". More powerful than recognizing and acknowledging, is the act of endorsing. When we feel it is inappropriate to either support or endorse the other person, our best alternative is to thank them for sharing and move on.

Choices, Assignments and Contracts Skills: We all like choices. Offer us a choice and we'll usually pick one. The most powerful request we can make is to request our client to do something before the next session. When your clients say they'll do something but they don't do it, create a contract with them. 

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